Yunita & Andre

the wedding tales

Old people say, it is destiny to find the right soul mate, and you will always find him again. Apparently it's true. Andri and I were friends from Junior High through to High School. Then Andri continued his studies in Germany. When meeting again almost five years later, without knowing where the feeling came from, we immediately knew that we were soul mates to each other - and since that time we promised to be there for each other, for ever.

After undergoing long-distance relationship for one and a half years and Andri’s return to Bandung, we took our courage to step into a more serious level: to get married.

All the time I had a dream to get married on the island of Bali. The atmosphere that surrounds Bali is sacred and romantic at once. My dream turned into reality when we visited the blue booth of The Diamond Bali (TDB) Wedding Pavilion at the Jakarta Wedding Exhibition in July 2010. The TDB Wedding Planners presented the blue Wedding Pavilion on video, in brochures and folders – and after visiting many more exhibition booths we were convinced that the TDB Team would be the best professionals to plan and organize our wedding in January 2011.

After receiving approval from our families, we discussed and prepared our wedding with the friendly team of The Diamond Bali (TDB) for about five months. As to survey the venue and for double food tasting we visited Bali twice in the middle of the density of our respective work – and the TDB Team was always there for us advising and assisting us in all aspects of our wedding. By limiting the invitees to some 30 guests, the wedding was later expanded into a family tour to make the bonding between our two families even closer.

As recommended by the experienced TDB Team we decided for the new TDB ‘Sunrise Wedding’ at 6 o’clock in the morning: the start of the day as a symbol for the start of our new life together.
Approaching W-Day, just like any other couples, we became rather nervous. But the TDB Team constantly assured us that everything would go smoothly. And indeed it did, God made ​​everything beautiful in His time.

On February 12, 2011 at 3am, the TDB Team picked us up from our hotel and drove us to famous The Diamond Bali Wedding Pavilion, a big blue diamond that was lit beautifully in the early morning darkness.
Make-up preparation was done by a very professional make-up artist. The photo- and videographers arrived at about 5am, and started shooting. At six in the morning, the sun rose slowly casting golden rays directly into our faces as we walked towards the beginning of a new day. In front of the altar, inside the TDB Wedding Pavilion, and witnessed by the entire family we were blessed by Romo Hadi, Pr. As the sun rose to the throne, we received the holy sacrament of marriage: “I now declare you Husband and Wife!”. During the blessing ceremony, a sense of emotion and gratitude overcame us, and we thanked God who has allowed that such beautiful moments in our life were happening. The life music was soft, the beautiful choir made the ceremony even more sacred.

The religious ceremony was followed by the legal declaration of marriage performed by the Balinese Civil Registration Department. Flower shower, and family photos were superbly arranged by the TDB Team, so was an opulent Breakfast Buffet right on the creamy-white platform of The Diamond Bali. Tasty Balinese dishes and decor made us enjoy this bright cheery atmosphere even more.

The following photo- and videography sessions were supervised by the attentive TDB Team who never tired to offer us refreshments and umbrellas in the middle of a hot sunny day. Beautiful memories that we will never forget in our lives.

Now, while serving our days as husband and wife, we are always so grateful when remembering the promise we gave to each other on our Wedding Day, when the sun rose and shone into the beautiful blue of The Diamond Bali - the symbol of Eternity.

Story of Andry & Yunita – Bandung

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