Our Junior Wedding Coordinator escorts the couple’s guest to The Diamond Bali Guest Lounge.

The couple’s tea ceremony is meticulously assisted by Senior Wedding Coordinator.The Diamond Bali Pavilion Supervisor discusses the latest liturgy details with Priest Romo Wayan.

Here we see our team member cleaning and arranging The Diamond Bali Guest Lounge so it is “spic & span” when the couple’s guests arrive.

Inside The Diamond Bali: Our Wedding Coordinators ensure that bride and groom always look absolutely beautiful, and that their gowns and tuxedos fit perfectly.

Game of Love ☺, at one of the preferred locations around The Diamond Bali for the couple’s wedding photography. Always present and assisting: The Diamond Bali Wedding Coordinators and Assistants.

Three of The Diamond Bali Wedding Coordinators put final touches to the mise-en-place of the couple’s romantic dinner reception, right on The Diamond Bali sandstone platform.